Arbitration | Including: Arbitration Appeals, Under the Federal Arbitration Act Less

Many lawyers know Mr. Shoreman’s landmark case, Patten v. Signator Ins. Agency, Inc., 441 F.3d 230 (4th Cir. 2006), which has been cited more than 400 times. This case is a rarity because the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals actually reversed an award under the Federal Arbitration Act, based on John’s advocacy (briefing and oral argument) before the Circuit Judges. There are so many myths about arbitration and there are so may ways to lose an arbitration, that failure to have an experienced attorney can lead to gut-wrenching results. Mr. Shoreman routinely advises other attorneys about arbitration, helping them navigate the complex rules with respect to preserving arguments on appeal. This is vital because courts have shown literal disdain regarding the appeal of an arbitration award, issuing opinions that warn attorneys and their clients about sanctions with respect to these appeals. Contact McFadden & Shoreman to gain a thorough understanding of your rights, role, and responsibilities regarding arbitration of a dispute.